Maarten van Zeeland is terug

Evoluon in Eindhoven more than an event venue with return Venue manager Maarten van Zeeland

Eindhoven, Netherlands - The Evoluon, the iconic event center in Eindhoven, welcomes back Maarten van Zeeland as Venue Manager. Van Zeeland aims to make the Evoluon a fixture within the Eindhoven ecosystem. A true top of mind location for organizing conferences. In addition, the Evoluon will soon be the meeting place in the Brainport region. For visitors with both business and leisure motives.


Really for everyone. From Grandma Jo who wants to show her grandchildren the Evoluon where they used to come when they were their age, to Pete who wants to futureproof the employees of his multinational company. The Evoluon team aims to be the meeting place in the Brainport region in the near future. 'Collaborating and connecting is in our DNA, organization-wide our team is busy daily entering into, broadening and perpetuating collaborations. Like the successful and well-attended New Horizon last January. We were pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome from the Brainport Region. These kinds of collaborations fit completely with us as a location and with the image of the region. Every day we welcome a diverse group of people such as knowledge institutions, schools, multinationals and of course our guests for the exhibition. This unique combination of target groups creates a pleasant commotion and cross-pollination on location. We are a moving train and are always looking for people who want to join us on an adventure. Says Van Zeeland.

Join the crew of spaceship earth

Last year, the Evoluon welcomed someone else: Next Nature has been the new operator of the iconic building since 2022. Next Nature's plans are grand. Of course, they will be implemented in phases, in realistic but no less ambitious ways. The future Evoluon tells the story of mother ship Earth and encourages us all to work together as a harmonious crew for Earth's future. There are no passengers on spaceship Earth, we are all crew and the Evoluon trains us.

Every human being on Earth faces technological change. One cannot imagine the future of man or earth without looking at the future of technology: technology is our next nature. Visitors to the Evoluon are encouraged to reflect on this through exhibitions, events, talks, trainings and publications. The public activities of the next four years are part of the Next Nature Future Lab, to which the Minister of OCW, the Province of North Brabant and the Municipality of Eindhoven pledged their support last year.


Van Zeeland is determined for the plans to succeed: "We have the perfect ingredients for a successful all-in-one venue due to the combination of our location, iconic architecture, nostalgic value and soon-to-be cultural hotspot. In recent years, our on-site team has built up the necessary knowledge and expertise. We will use this together with the know-how of the Next Nature team to take the current Evoluon to the next level. The building reminds us of the evolution of technology and has a nostalgic charge that makes us reflect on the impact of technology on our lives and the planet. This flows seamlessly into the thinking of Next Nature. Together, we want to meld this thinking with our location without losing sight of the nostalgic and historical value of the building."


'By fusing the Evoluon with Next Nature, we are able to connect the content and artistry of Next Nature with the quality venue rental that the Evoluon has guaranteed for years. Our Next Nature programs prepare you for a future where technology becomes our second nature. Next Nature Academy programs are investigative, creative and hopeful. We put not humans but total nature at the center and help people think about the question, "What future do you wish for? We offer building blocks and inspiration to come up with new solution directions for societal challenges, such as climate change, food issues and robotization. Says Van Zeeland. 'Of course, you don't always have to provide a complete substantive program to plan your meeting at the Evoluon. We are also still there for anyone who just wants to come and meet with us, for example. 'You are also welcome to come to us for a space where your own agenda receives full attention,' Van Zeeland continues.

Taste the future

With the arrival of Next Nature, the culinary offerings have also been taken to the next level. Vermaat is involved in the renovated Evoluon as a permanent partner. Besides a real Brabant sausage roll, future-proof dishes can also be found in the offering. 'We offer our guests the opportunity to make alternative choices. An insect bitterball, salad with jellyfish? Sounds like futureproof, it is not. So we can serve an insect bitterball during drinks or surprise guests at lunch with a salad jellyfish. We want to stir up discussion and search together for alternatives to serve and eat. After all, an alternative such as jellyfish is many times more future-proof than other sea creatures that we have come to regard as normal. Says Van Zeeland.