The Next Nature Museum is accessible to wheelchair users, rollator, buggy or mobility scooter users. We have a special entrance for support-devices and a lift to the rings in the dome. To avoid crowds, we recommend visiting during weekdays and outside of school holidays.

We have made every effort to ensure that our museum and exhibitions are easily accessible to everyone. Our parking spaces for people with physical disabilities are located in front of the dome in the loading and unloading area. These parking spaces are closest to the entrance of the museum. Our museum has an adapted toilet with support rails and an adapted sink. If you have any questions or need assistance during your visit, please don't hesitate to ask one of our employees. We are here to help!

Wheelchairs, rollators, buggies, mobility scooters

Wheelchairs, rollators, buggies, and mobility scooters are all welcome to explore the museum. However, to ensure the safety of our artwork, we may ask you to adjust the speed and noise of your device if it might disturb other visitors. To ensure safety, we unfortunately cannot allow balance bikes or handbikes in the museum.

Disability Support

Do you need a support assistant to accompany you on your visit to Next Nature Museum? Your support assistant can receive a free admission ticket with a valid (public transport) companion card or a signed letter from a healthcare professional stating that assistance is required. If your companion does not have valid proof of necessary assistance, they will be required to purchase a ticket at the entrance.

Guide Dogs

Registered guide dogs are welcome in both the museum and restaurant. Make sure they are clearly recognisable with a vest or harness marked with the text "Do Not Pet," "Do Not Distract," or the logo of the guide dog organisation.