Spacefarming exhibition

spacefarming exhibition

Next Nature Museum Spacefarming, plants dome
Embark on a Journey into the Future of Food!

The exhibition 'Spacefarming: the future of food' uncovers the food revolution that awaits us on our beloved planet Earth and in the realms beyond. Potatoes from Mars, algae shake for breakfast, and cultured meat on your burger—immerse yourself in the future of our food!

Experience the Food Revolution

Discover a world of future food like never before! 'Spacefarming' explores the incredible potential of cultivating food in space, offering profound insights into the ways these groundbreaking achievements can be applied to enrich our terrestrial existence. Step into our stunning exhibition design, in which geodesic domes house a multitude of surprising ideas and innovations sourced from the minds of scientists, technologists, farmers, designers, philosophers, makers, and artists. Immerse yourself in alternative culinary realities and uncover the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for our food.

Next Nature Museum Spacefarming the body gardens
Next Nature Museum, Spacefarming, Margaret

Meet Margaret, the Stainless-Steel Cow

Prepare to be amazed by Margaret, the stainless-steel cow created by Those Vegan Cowboys. Witness animal-free production at its finest, as Margaret produces grass-fed milk made by microorganisms. With this revolutionary approach, we can enjoy cheese, milk, yogurt, and other dairy products without relying on traditional livestock, therefore minimizing our impact on nature.

Step into the Algae Dome

Experience the mesmerizing Algae Dome, a creation by SPACE10. This four-meter-tall bioreactor showcases the potential of algae as a sustainable alternative to traditional meat products. Algae are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals and can be cultivated rapidly in small spaces. Explore this abundant food source that requires minimal land, with a history dating back to the Aztecs who harnessed its benefits.

Next Nature Museum, Spacefarming, Lounge
Next Nature Museum, Spacefarming, Melissa project

Discover the Future of Food in Space

The exhibition doesn't stop on Earth. Dive into the possibilities of food production in space through an augmented reality installation by designer Isabelle Udo. Witness plants growing without gravity, defying conventional growing and blossoming in new and unexpected ways. Delve into the research of space biologist Wieger Wamelink from Wageningen University, who investigates the cultivation of crops using simulated Mars and lunar soil provided by NASA. He's currently growing potatoes in a replica Mars soil.

Join the Future of Food Movement

The evolution of food keeps moving forward.

We stand at the forefront of a new food revolution, and this exhibition is just the beginning. The ideas presented here are the tip of the innovation iceberg. By 2050, we believe we will have the capacity to feed over 10 billion people while minimizing harm to our planet. Come and be part of the change!

Next Nature Museum, Spacefarming, Embassy of Food dome
Next Nature Museum, Spacefarming, embassy of food

Children's Program

Engage the children and young ones with interactive activities designed to immerse them in the world of future food. From workshops and school programs to food festivals in both Eindhoven and Amsterdam, we offer a range of exciting learning experiences. Let them taste and explore various future food options, participate in cooking classes, and enjoy delicious treats.


For those seeking a deeper understanding of the exhibition, Next Nature there is a magazine on Spacefarming (in Dutch and English). Additionally, we have a special  Dutch handbook for children called "Handboek voor Ruimteschip Aarde", featuring a cricket bar recipe and fun assignments. Both publications are available for purchase at the museum shop and Next Nature online store.

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