Hello time travelers!

Welcome to the Next Nature Museum. We are thrilled that you are visiting our 'spaceship' and that you are eager to learn more about future thinking.

What will the world look like in 5 years, 50 years or even 1000 years? What will you do later, where will you live? How will you travel, what kind of work will you have? But before we embark on this time travel, we kindly ask you to respect our house rules.

Are you coming with a school class? Then we ask you to review the house rules with the students in advance. With young children and larger groups, we ask parents or guardians to exercise extra vigilance.

Next Nature Museum, Evoluon, DeLorean
Next Nature Museum bezoekers

At the museum

We want to offer everyone a pleasant time-travel. Can you help us out?

The exhibitions consists of interactive parts, but some artworks are fragile. To prevent damage, we ask everyone not to bring jackets, bags larger than A3 size, backpacks and umbrellas onto the exhibitions. There are a limited number of free lockers available for storing your belongings. The Next Nature Museum is not liable for loss, damage or theft of personal belongings.

House rules

  • Bringing or consuming your own food and drinks is not allowed in the rings.
  • Running around in the museum is prohibited.
  • Unfortunately, it has been found that art is regularly damaged. Any costs incurred will be charged to the school. 
  • Loud phone conversations or playing music on a mobile phone is not allowed within the building.
  • Smoking is only allowed outside at the designated location. 
  • Treat the staff as you would like to be treated. With kindness and a smile!

Enjoy your time travel to the future of yesterday!

Next Nature Museum, tomaten