food & drinks in the Next Nature Museum

Welcome to Bar Brasserie NEXT!

The new restaurant in the renovated Evoluon. Brasserie Next shows you what happens when people, nature and technology come together and challenge each other. A place where you can relax, or experience a true (taste) sensation on the edge of your seat. You learn to see what you eat, to recognize what you drink, to taste what you smell and to choose what you want. We want you to experience the connection between technology and food & drink. A place where we challenge and inspire you to taste food of the future.


Taste the future now!

Our menu offers classic dishes for everyone. From a club sandwich to a goat cheese salad. But! At Bar Brasserie Next you can choose to eexperience the wonder that occurs when humans, nature, and technology come together and challenge each other. So in addition to our classics, you will also find dishes such as jellyfish salad and a (Louis) Kalff burger wellington. We challenge you, we inspire. View the menu via the button below.

Next Nature Museum

In September 2022 Next Nature reopend the Evoluon with the RetroFuture exhibition. RetroFuture is the world's first major expo about yesterday's future. What was strange and artificial yesterday is familiar or even natural today. What can we learn from the future visions of the past? The Next Nature Museum will take you into the world of future thinkers, dreamers and artists with design, art, science and film. Order your ticket for RetroFuture via the button below.


Work with us!

Cook the future now! Or well. Taste the future now! Our pay-off for the restaurant already reveals a lot. In Bar Brasserie Next you create the future. Because Bar Brasserie Next lets you marvel at what happens when people, nature and technology come together and challenge each other. We are currently looking for you. An independent chef. We are happy to give space to your ideas, flavors and recipes. Whether you're making a luxury sandwich, a jellyfish salad, a fresh smoothie or a delicious hot dish. You make something beautiful and delicious anyway. We are also looking for a catering employee. Quickly check the vacancies via the button below.