next nature academy

Curious about how your company, organisation, or team can leverage the future to tackle today's challenges? With our Next Nature Academy business programs, we provide the philosophy, method, and tools.

In our Next Nature Academy programs, you will prepare for a new future alongside our enthusiastic facilitators. Together, we will explore new ways of thinking about technology and the future, facilitating brainstorms, and kickstarting innovative processes.

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Our Next Nature programs prepare you for a future where technology becomes our second nature.

Why should you book this?

The Next Nature Academy programs are investigative, creative, and hopeful. We don't put humans, but rather nature in the center and help people think about the question 'What future do you wish for?'. We offer building blocks and inspiration to come up with new solutions for societal challenges such as climate change, food issues, and robotics.

Our promise

With our programs, we offer the philosophy, method, and tools to understand the complex dynamics of technology and nature. We offer new frameworks to envision possible futures. Together, we take the step from amazement to change.


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