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Next Nature Museum, Evoluon at night

Next Nature is the story of humankind changing its world with the fruits of knowledge and technology. We are a non-profit of creatives, thinkers, educators and supporters who want to go forward – not back – to nature. Our explorations come to life in expos, events, education, and publications. With members in 44 countries, we make worldwide impact. In our Next Nature Museum in the Netherlands, you can experience our vision in 'real life'. Together, we create a dreamed future for all life on Earth.

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Next Nature Museum, hands
Next Nature Museum, education

Organisation Next Nature

Our team consists of open-minded, curious, and optimistic people from different disciplines. Our ambassadors include the astronaut André Kuipers, experimental architecture professor Rachel Armstrong, and TV presenter Jason Silva. The core team works in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, with a network spanning the world.


The Evoluon, designed by architects Louis Kalff and Leo de Bever, used to be a forward-thinking technology museum from 1966 until it was closed by Philips in 1989 (despite public protests). Since then, it functioned as a conference center without public access. By the end of 2018, Foolen & Reijs purchased the building with the intention of reopening it to the public. Since the arrival of Next Nature in 2021, the building once again became accessible to the public at the end of that same year.

Next Nature Museum is a meeting place and presentation venue that celebrates the wonderful world of technology, the ingenuity and creativity of design and innovation, and the ways in which humans and society are increasingly intertwined with technology. Together, we explore the potential for a more inclusive and sustainable world, one in which the concepts of "human" and "society" enter a new evolutionary phase.

Next Nature Museum, Evoluon